Decision Package
Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (720)
Request TitleIncrease appropriation for Problem Gambling Fund
Budget RoundInitial Bill
CategoryTechnical Adjustment
RegionMultiple Regions
Provides nongeneral fund appropriation in expected payments to be made to the Program Gambling and Treatment Support Fund in order to support efforts to prevent gambling addiction.
Funding Summary
Object TypeFY 2023FY 2024
General Fund Dollars00
Nongeneral Fund Dollars2,000,3782,000,378
General Fund Positions0.000.00
Nongeneral Fund Positions0.000.00
General Fund Transfers00
General Fund Revenue00
Additions to Balance00
Funding Details
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Program CodeProgram TitleFY 2023FY 2024
499Administrative And Support Services2,000,3782,000,378
Fund CodeFund TitleFY 2023FY 2024
Authorized Position Details
No positions for this request