Operating Project Codes
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Agency CodeAgency NameOperating Project CodeOperating Project Title
100Senate of Virginia70001Senate District1
100Senate of Virginia70002Senate District2
100Senate of Virginia70003Senate District3
100Senate of Virginia70004Senate District04
100Senate of Virginia70005Senate District5
100Senate of Virginia70006Senate District6
100Senate of Virginia70007Senate District7
100Senate of Virginia70008Senate District8
100Senate of Virginia70009Senate District9
100Senate of Virginia70010Senate District
100Senate of Virginia70011Senate District11
100Senate of Virginia70012Senate District12
100Senate of Virginia70013Senate District13
100Senate of Virginia70014Senate District14
100Senate of Virginia70015Senate District15
100Senate of Virginia70016Senate District16
100Senate of Virginia70017Senate District17
100Senate of Virginia70018Senate District18
100Senate of Virginia70019Senate District19
100Senate of Virginia70020Senate District20
100Senate of Virginia70021Senate District21
100Senate of Virginia70022Senate District22
100Senate of Virginia70023Senate District23
100Senate of Virginia70024Senate District24
100Senate of Virginia70025Senate District25
100Senate of Virginia70026Senate District26
100Senate of Virginia70027Senate District27
100Senate of Virginia70028Senate District 28
100Senate of Virginia70029Senate District29
100Senate of Virginia70030Senate District30
100Senate of Virginia70031Senate District31
100Senate of Virginia70032Senate District32
100Senate of Virginia70033Senate District33
100Senate of Virginia70034Senate District34
100Senate of Virginia70035Senate District35
100Senate of Virginia70036Senate District36
100Senate of Virginia70037Senate District
100Senate of Virginia70038Senate District38
100Senate of Virginia70039Senate District39
100Senate of Virginia70040Senate District40
100Senate of Virginia80001Capitol Automation
100Senate of Virginia80003Sr A Telecommunication
100Senate of Virginia80004Senate Room B
100Senate of Virginia80005Csg
100Senate of Virginia80114Sfc Education Study
100Senate of Virginia80115Sfc Compensation Study
100Senate of Virginia99999To Clear Roll Transactions
101House of Delegates70001Tax Study Commission Hjr578 ('99)
101House of Delegates70002Vcu Study Of Legislative Salaries Fy'00
101House of Delegates70003Capitol Square Rennovation
101House of Delegates70004Pressroom Rennovation
101House of Delegates70005Ncsl Study
101House of Delegates70006Scrap Metal Study
101House of Delegates70007Regulatory Policies Of Scc Hjr 187 (2000)
101House of Delegates70008Hjr 611 Va. Unemployment Trust Funds
110Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission71098Welfare Reform Study
111Supreme Court60000Leaa Part C Action Funds
111Supreme Court60001Sentencing Guidelines
111Supreme Court60002Leaa Part C Action Funds
111Supreme Court60003Leaa Part C Action Funds
111Supreme Court60004Leaa Part C Action Funds
111Supreme Court60005Leaa Part C Action Funds
111Supreme Court60006Leaa Part C Action Funds
111Supreme Court60007Futures Commission
111Supreme Court60008Leaa Part C Action Funds
111Supreme Court60009Leaa Part C Action Funds
111Supreme Court60010Comm Future Va Jud Sys Ii
111Supreme Court60011Fairfax Circuit Case Mgmt
111Supreme Court60012Consumer Research & Service Development Process
111Supreme Court60013Family Court Pilot Evaluation
111Supreme Court60014Alternative Dispute Resolutions
111Supreme Court60015Measurement Of Trial Court Performance
111Supreme Court60016Alcohol & Substance Abuse Conference
111Supreme Court60017Family Court 92-93
111Supreme Court60018Adr 92-93
111Supreme Court60019Bjs Record Impr. Grant - Phase Ii
111Supreme Court60020Meas Trial Court Perf - Continuation
111Supreme Court60021Guardian Ad Litem Study-Dcjs
111Supreme Court60022Adr-93-94
111Supreme Court60023Judicial Conference-Sji
111Supreme Court60024Criminal History Records Imprv.
111Supreme Court60025State Repository Improv. Program
111Supreme Court60026Domestic Violence State/Local Coord. Councils
111Supreme Court60027Adr-94/95
111Supreme Court60028Gal-94/95
111Supreme Court60029Court Improvement Program
111Supreme Court60030Criminal Fund Records Improvement 2
111Supreme Court60032Domestic Violence St/Local Coord Councils In Va Ii
111Supreme Court60033Criminal History Records Improvement Iii
111Supreme Court60034Criminal History Records Improvement Iv
111Supreme Court60035Criminal History Records Improvement V
111Supreme Court60036Criminal History Records Improvement (Dsp)
111Supreme Court60037State Court Improvement Program (Foster Care 2)
111Supreme Court60038Statewide Training And Technical Assistance
111Supreme Court60039Spec Consdrtn/Sentencng Women & Serious Juv Offndr
111Supreme Court60040Institutionalizing Diversity Education In Va Judic
111Supreme Court60041Drug Court Implementation Initiative Roanoke
111Supreme Court60042Calendar Management And Delay Reduction In Va J&Dr
111Supreme Court60043Criminal History Records Improvement (Vi)
111Supreme Court60044Criminal History Records Improvement (Vii)
111Supreme Court60045Criminal History Records Improvement (Viii)
111Supreme Court60046Judicial Transp Safty Conf (Eqpt, Magistr Video)
111Supreme Court60047Traf Safty Resc Guid (Judge Photo, Juv Resc Guide)
111Supreme Court60048State Court Improvement Program (3)
111Supreme Court60049Dispute Resolutions For Judges/Judicial Traing Con
111Supreme Court60051Improve Va Response To Dom Viol; Improve Judicl Ed
111Supreme Court60052Grants To Encourage Arrest Policies
111Supreme Court60053Enhancng Va'S Crim Justice Response To Fam Violene
111Supreme Court60054Drug Court Implementation Initiative (Richmond)
111Supreme Court60055Ending Case Delay: Better Serving Our Customers
111Supreme Court60056Criminal History Records Improvement (Ix)
111Supreme Court60057Criminal History Records Improvement 10
111Supreme Court60058Enhancing Va'S Crim Just Response To Domestic Viol
111Supreme Court60059Dss Va Access And Visitation Program Mediation Ser
111Supreme Court60060Guide On Mediation & Unauthorized Practice Of Law
111Supreme Court60061State Court Improvement Program (4)
111Supreme Court60063Specialized Drug Case Mgmt In Va'S Trial Courts
111Supreme Court60064Criminal Records Systems Improvement Program
111Supreme Court60065Criminal Records Systems Improvement Program
111Supreme Court60066Criminal Records Systems Improvement Program
111Supreme Court60067Criminal Records Systems Improvement Program
111Supreme Court60068Commission On Family Violence Prevention '99 Vstop
111Supreme Court60069Dss Va Access Visit Med Serv Cont Cse9903601
111Supreme Court60070Juvenile Accountability Incentive Block Grant
111Supreme Court60071Specialized Drug Case Mgmt For Va'S Trial Cts (2)
111Supreme Court60072Improving Portsmouth Circ Criminal Case Management
111Supreme Court60073Grants To Encourage Arrest Policies (Cont)
111Supreme Court60074State Court Improvement Program (5)
111Supreme Court60075Hwy Safety Project Judges Resource Guide
111Supreme Court60076Criminal History Records Improvement Program (Xv)
111Supreme Court60077Criminal History Records Improvement Program (Xvi)
111Supreme Court60078Criminal History Records Improvement Program Xvii
111Supreme Court60079Criminal History Records Improvement Xviii
111Supreme Court60080Sji Scholarship For Judicial Education
111Supreme Court60081Specialized Drug Case Management In Va Trial Cts2
111Supreme Court60082State Court Improvement Program (6) G-001Vascip
111Supreme Court60083Planning, Implementation & Enhancement Grant
111Supreme Court60084Pro Se Litigation In Va:Ensur Fairness & Enhan Acc
111Supreme Court60085Juvenile Accountability Incentive Block Grant 2
111Supreme Court60086Criminal History Records Improvement Grant
111Supreme Court60087Criminal History Records Improvement Grant
111Supreme Court60088National Criminal History Improvement Grant
111Supreme Court60089Specialized Drug Case Mgt
111Supreme Court60090Distance Education Equipment
111Supreme Court60091Jaibg - 3Rd Year
111Supreme Court60092Criminal Justice Record System Improvement
111Supreme Court60093State Court Improvement Program
111Supreme Court60094Va Statewide Drug Courts
111Supreme Court60095State Court Improvement Program
111Supreme Court60096Criminal Justice Record System Improvement
111Supreme Court60097I-Can Replication & Judicial Education
111Supreme Court60098The Solutions Project
111Supreme Court60099Magistrate Distance Education Project
111Supreme Court60100Icjis Project
111Supreme Court60101Local Law Enforcement
111Supreme Court60102Crim Justice Rec Sys Improvement
111Supreme Court60103I-Can Replication Grant
111Supreme Court60104Sanca Grant
111Supreme Court60105Traffic Record Improvement Project
111Supreme Court60106Court Improvement Project
111Supreme Court60107Drug Court Treatment Oversight
111Supreme Court60108Juvenile Restorative Justice Conference
111Supreme Court60109Richmond J&Dr Consultant
111Supreme Court60110Scv Building - Security Enhancements
111Supreme Court60111Traffic Record Improve Project Ii
111Supreme Court60112Criminal Justice Record Improvement
111Supreme Court60113V Stop I-Can Statewide Deployment
111Supreme Court60114Court Improvement Grant - G0401
111Supreme Court60115Sji - Tech Assist Grant (Sji-05-T-090)
111Supreme Court60116Va Criminal History Improve Prog (2004-Ru-Bx-K046)
111Supreme Court60117Sji - Richmond J&Dr Court
111Supreme Court60118Drug Court Program 2005-06 Fiscal Year
111Supreme Court60119Traffic Record Improvement Project - Iii
111Supreme Court60120Dcjs Moa Charge Standardization Project
111Supreme Court60121Va Criminal History Improvement Program
111Supreme Court60122Grants To Encourage Arrest Policy
111Supreme Court60123I-Can Statewide Deployment
111Supreme Court60124Courthouse Security Assessment Grant
111Supreme Court60125Vsp Nchip Suppemental Project 6
111Supreme Court60126Dcjs Charge Standardization Project Iii
111Supreme Court60128State Court Improvement Go501Vascip
111Supreme Court60129District Clerk Certification Program
111Supreme Court60130Dmv Grant-Reduce Impaired Driving-Related Crashes
111Supreme Court60131Cip - G0601 Vascip
111Supreme Court60132Cip - Training Program
111Supreme Court60133Cip - Data Sharing Program
111Supreme Court60134Criminal History Improvement - Va State Police
111Supreme Court60135Domestic Violence Advisory Committee
111Supreme Court60136I-Can Statewide Deployment
111Supreme Court60137Courthouse Safety Assessment Project
111Supreme Court60138Dmv Highway Safety Grant
111Supreme Court60139District Ct Clerk Cert Prog
111Supreme Court60140Dmv Highway Safety Project (Drug Courts)
111Supreme Court60141Vdem Courthouse Security Training
111Supreme Court60142Charge Standardization Project
111Supreme Court60143Dmv Highway Safety Grant
111Supreme Court60144Cip Basic Grant
111Supreme Court60145Cip Training Grant
111Supreme Court60146Cip Data Sharing Grant
111Supreme Court60147Geap/I-Can
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