Revenue Source Codes
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Revenue Source CodeRevenue Source NameRevenue Class CodeRevenue Class Name
01001Railroad Companies01000Taxes
01002Retail Sales Tire Tax01000Taxes
01003Car Line Companies01000Taxes
01005Commnicatns Sales&Use-Va Relay01000Taxes
01006Light,Heat,Power & Water Co01000Taxes
01007Electric Consumption Tax01000Taxes
01008Natural Gas Consumption Tax01000Taxes
01009Scc-Railroad Special Tax01000Taxes
01010Valuatn Tx-Certain Pb Svc Corp01000Taxes
01011Mtr Veh Carrier-Rolling Stock01000Taxes
01012Communications Sales & Use Tax01000Taxes
01013Transaction Recovery Revenue01000Taxes
01014Regional Congestion Relief Fee01000Taxes
01015Regional Wmata Capital Fee01000Taxes
01016Indvidual Inc Tx Wthhld-St Emp01000Taxes
01017Est Corp Income Tax Payments01000Taxes
01018Income Of Corporations01000Taxes
01019Gross Prem-Insurance Company01000Taxes
01020Shrs Stock-Bank,Trust&Secur Co01000Taxes
01021Estate Tax01000Taxes
01029Virginia Litter Tax01000Taxes
01035Recordtn Tx-Open Space Prsrvtn01000Taxes
01036Recordation Tax Additional Fee01000Taxes
01037Wills & Administrations01000Taxes
01038Deeds Of Conveyance01000Taxes
01039Recording Deeds & Contracts01000Taxes
01040Oyster Inspection Tax01000Taxes
01041Public Rock Oyster Tax01000Taxes
01043Vending Machine Sales Tax01000Taxes
01044Wrestlg&Boxing Exhibt Grss Rec01000Taxes
01045Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax-Gas Tax01000Taxes
01046Aviation Fuel Tax01000Taxes
01047Oil Company Excise Tax01000Taxes
01048Court Suits Chancery Causes01000Taxes
01049Court Suits Actions At Law01000Taxes
01050Mtr Veh Clean Special Fuels Tx01000Taxes
01051Corn Excise Tax01000Taxes
01052Tobacco Excise Tax01000Taxes
01053Peanut Excise Tax01000Taxes
01054Abc Liter Tax-Localities Share01000Taxes
01055Beer Excise Tax01000Taxes
010562% Motor Fuel Tax01000Taxes
01057Alcoholic Beverages State Tax01000Taxes
01058Cigarette Stamp Tax01000Taxes
01059Va Cattle Tax01000Taxes
01060Unemployment Comp Payroll Tax01000Taxes
01061Forest Products Tax01000Taxes
01062Soft Drink Excise Tax01000Taxes
01063Pork Excise Tax01000Taxes
01065Apple Excise Tax01000Taxes
01068Egg Promotion Tax01000Taxes
01069Soybean Tax Assessment01000Taxes
01070Small Grain Tax01000Taxes
01071Irish Potato Excise Tax01000Taxes
01072Cotton Tax Assessment01000Taxes
01076Other Tobacco Products Tax01000Taxes
01077Road Tax Decal01000Taxes
01078Pub Carrier Mixd Bev Bottle Tx01000Taxes
01079Road Use Tax01000Taxes
01080Va Aircraft Sales & Use Tax01000Taxes
01081Food State Sales And Use Tax01000Taxes
01082Abc State Sales And Use Tax01000Taxes
01083General State Sales & Use Tax01000Taxes
01084Motor Vehicle Sales & Use Tax01000Taxes
01085Motor Vehicle Rental Tax01000Taxes
01086Mobile Home Sales Tax01000Taxes
01087Unapplied Sales Tax Receipts01000Taxes
01088Sales&Use Tax - Ttf & Hmo01000Taxes
01089Accelerated Sales Tax Revenue01000Taxes
01090Interest Owed-Overpay Of Taxes01000Taxes
01091Payments By Tva In Lieu Of Tax01000Taxes
01092Va Estate Tax01000Taxes
01093Watercraft Sales Tax01000Taxes
01094Emission Fee Tax01000Taxes
01095Reclamation Tax01000Taxes
01096Historic Triangle Sales Tax01000Taxes
01097St Sales&Use Tax 2004 Increase01000Taxes
01098St Sale&Use Tx 2013 Ses .3 Inc01000Taxes
01099St Sale&Use Tx 2013 Ses .7 Inc01000Taxes
01100Ind Fiduciary Income Tax -201001000Taxes
01101Ind Fiduciary Income Tax -201101000Taxes
01102Ind Fiduciary Income Tax -201201000Taxes
01103Ind Fiduciary Income Tax -201301000Taxes
01104Ind Fiduciary Income Tax -201401000Taxes
01105Ind Fiduciary Income Tax -201501000Taxes
01106Ind Fiduciary Income Tax -201601000Taxes
01107Ind Fiduciary Income Tax -201701000Taxes
01108Ind Fiduciary Income Tax -201801000Taxes
01109Ind Fiduciary Income Tax -201901000Taxes
01110Estimated Income Tax - 201001000Taxes
01111Estimated Income Tax - 201101000Taxes
01112Estimated Income Tax - 201201000Taxes
01113Estimated Income Tax - 201301000Taxes
01114Estimated Income Tax - 201401000Taxes
01115Estimated Income Tax - 201501000Taxes
01116Estimated Income Tax - 201601000Taxes
01117Estimated Income Tax - 201701000Taxes
01118Estimated Income Tax - 201801000Taxes
01119Estimated Income Tax - 201901000Taxes
01120Individual Income Tax01000Taxes
01129Individual Estimated01000Taxes
01131Employer Withholding Taxes01000Taxes
01133Withhldng Tax-Pass Thru Entity01000Taxes
01135Pari-Mutuel Wagering Licnse Tx01000Taxes
01137Pass Thru Entity Tax01000Taxes
01140Pari-Mutl Wager Va Breeders Fd01000Taxes
01200Misc Tax Collections-Undistrib01000Taxes
01202Motor Fuels Tax-Undistributed01000Taxes
01203Regnl Transient Occupancy Tax01000Taxes
01204Trans Dist Transientoccupncytx01000Taxes
02100Licenses & Permits0200002000
02101Business & Professnal Licenses0200002000
02102Company License Applicatn Fee0200002000
02103Marriage Licenses0200002000
02104Registrtn Specialty Fertilizer0200002000
02105Fertilizr Tonnage Inspectn Fee0200002000
02106Agricultrl Product Dealer Lic0200002000
02107Reg Lawn/Turf Seed Mixture0200002000
02108Commercial Fishermen Reg Fee0200002000
02109Research Fees0200002000
02110Grain Dealers Licenses0200002000
02111Hlth Maint Org License Fee0200002000
02112Mtr Carrier Ucra Reg & Renewal0200002000
02113State Lottery License App Fee0200002000
02114Branch Pilot Regulatory Fees0200002000
02115Automobile Club Agent Licenses0200002000
02116Septic System Fees-State Share0200002000
02117Alt Dischrge Sewage Sys Permit0200002000
02118Miscellaneous Game Permits0200002000
02119Well Permit Fees - State Share0200002000
02120Mtr Veh Title Registratn Fees0200002000
02121Intl Registration Plan Mtr Veh0200002000
02122Motor Vehicle License Fee0200002000
02123Chauffeurs & Mtr Veh Op Permit0200002000
02124Mtrcycle Rider Safty Train Fee0200002000
02125Boxer/Wrestlr/Mgr/Trainr Lic0200002000
02126Mattress Sterilization Permits0200002000
02127Bedding Licenses0200002000
02128Mtr Veh License Fee Increase0200002000
02129Retail Frnchse Registratn Fees0200002000
02130License Tax0200002000
02131Insurance Prem Finance Co Lic0200002000
02132Outdoor Advert Devices Permits0200002000
02133Seafood Industry Misc Lic&Perm0200002000
02134Fraternal Benefit Society Lic0200002000
02135Agents Appointment Fees0200002000
02136Surplus Lines Broker Licenses0200002000
02137Commissn Merchants/Brokers Lic0200002000
02138Real Estate Regulatory Fees0200002000
02139Brkr-Dlr Agt & Secrty Reg Fee0200002000
02140Ind Bldg&Mobile Hme Sfty Reg0200002000
02141Nursry Stck Salesmen & Agt Reg0200002000
02142Commercial Fertilizer License0200002000
02143Alcoh Bev Solicitr Slsmn Permt0200002000
02144Motor Vehicle Carriers Permits0200002000
02145Moble Home Insp Fee-Admin Agy0200002000
02146Bulk Fertilizer Contractor Lic0200002000
02147Motor Vehicle Dealers Licenses0200002000
02148Weights&Measures Tech Cert Fee0200002000
02149Airports & Landing Areas Lic0200002000
02150Aircraft Licenses0200002000
02151Cntrct Carrier By Aircrft Prmt0200002000
02152Saltwtr Recreatnal Fishing Lic0200002000
02153Hospitals & Nursing Homes Lic0200002000
02154Drivr Improvemt School App Fee0200002000
02155Dealr Bd Qualificatn Test Fees0200002000
02156Oil & Gas Wells Operatn Permit0200002000
02157Petition For Adoptn Filing Fee0200002000
02158Explosive Permits0200002000
02159Coal Mine Licenses0200002000
02160Hunting Licenses0200002000
02161Trapping Licenses0200002000
02162Angling Licenses0200002000
02163National Forest Permits0200002000
02164Game, Fish & Other Permits0200002000
02165Motor Boat Licenses0200002000
02166Hazrd Waste Transprt Permt Fee0200002000
02167Hazrd Waste Facility Permt Fee0200002000
02168Cattle Branding & Registration0200002000
02169Hazrd Waste Fac Permt Mod Fee0200002000
02170Overload Permits0200002000
02171Mileage Permit Fees0200002000
02172Hauling Permit Fees0200002000
02173Highway Permit Fees0200002000
02174Hazrd Waste Emergncy Permt Fee0200002000
02175Assessment On Sheep Sold0200002000
02176Strip Mining Permits0200002000
02177Surface Mining Permits0200002000
02178Surface Distrb Deep Mine Permt0200002000
02179Surface Distrb Coal Hndlg Prmt0200002000
02180Va Health Spa Registration Fee0200002000
02181Mmbrshp Camp Act Late File Fee0200002000
02182Mmbrshp Camp Act Amnd File Fee0200002000
02183Radioactive Matrl Fac Lic Fee0200002000
02184Charitable Org Initial Fees0200002000
02185Charitable Org Exemption Fees0200002000
02186Proprietary Schools Lic Fees0200002000
02187Abc Licenses Application Fees0200002000
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