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Virtual Virginia Program: Expansion
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Enterprise StrategyPromote great teaching and learning through accountability reform, emphasize creativity and critical thinking skills, and strengthen support for teachers and educational leaders
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Agency Description
Virtual Virginia (VVA) is a program of the Virginia Department of Education serving K-12 students in Virginia schools by providing flexible options for the diverse educational needs of students and their families. Through its Complementary Program, VVA offers online Advanced Placement (AP), world language, core academic, and elective courses to students throughout the Commonwealth and nation. Offerings are provided to grades K-12 in both part-time and full-time modalities. In addition to the Complementary Program, VVA also offers an Outreach Program which provides digital content for teachers to use with their students in blended delivery as well as a Professional Learning Network Program for educators of all levels. Overall, VVA is committed to providing high-quality, rigorous course content with the flexibility to meet schools’ and students’ varied schedules and to provide instruction that meets the individual needs of students.

VDOE is requesting an increase in the appropriated spending cap due in large part to school divisions' significant increase in interest in utilizing Virtual Virginia’s fee-based programs: K-12 Expansion, Summer Session, and Expanded Enrollment as well as the growth in program offerings, which now includes a full-time virtual option for Kindergarten through 12th grade students. In addition, the Summer Session, previously focused upon high school level courses, currently includes offerings targeting grades 3-12. Furthermore, interest in the Expanded Enrollment program which targets the need for virtual courses by students in grades 6-12 who mainly attend their brick and mortar school continues to rise. Demand for all of these program components has risen during the pandemic but is expected to continue beyond it. The additional appropriation requested would support the ability to expend the addtional revenue received from local tuition payments paid by school divisions
Consequences of not funding/Justification
The estimated increased enrollment in all three fee-based programs will require additional use of funding. All of Virtual Virginia’s programs are coordinated by Charlotte County Public Schools (CCPS). The financial flow for the fee-based programs involves divisions being invoiced via VDOE for the service with funds deposited into the project code DOE96026 account. CCPS then invoices VDOE for the cost of services rendered. The attached table illustrates FY22 estimated revenues and expenditures for Virtual Virginia’s fee-based programs. If the appropriated spending cap is not raised, VVA will not be able to address the anticipated needs of the school divisions during the pandemci and beyond.
Alternatives considered (must list at least one)
The alternative is to keep the Virtual Virginia offerings unchanged and curtailed based upon the current appropriated spending cap.
Explanations and Methodologies
Growth estimates were based upon available FY22 data. Estimated revenue is $61,335,351.56 and estimated expenditures are $58,699,586.25. Therefore, DOE is requesting an appropriation increase of $58,699,587 to be added to the current appropriation of $1,618,842.
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General Fund Dollars$0$0$0$0$0$0
Nongeneral Fund Dollars$58,699,587$58,699,587$58,699,587$58,699,587$58,699,587$58,699,587
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Nongeneral Fund Positions0.
General Fund Transfers$0$0$0$0$0$0
General Fund Revenue$0$0$0$0$0$0
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186Technology Assistance Services$58,699,587$58,699,587
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07003Trust And Agency-Doe/Coo$58,699,587$58,699,587
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