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DPB AnalystAgcy CdAgency Name (formal)
Emily Grimes (BOS-GG)149Administration of Health Insurance
Samantha Martin (CR)307Agricultural Council
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)141Attorney General and Department of Law
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)133Auditor of Public Accounts
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)871Autism Advisory Council
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)882Behavioral Health Commission
Jason Saunders (BOS-GG)226Board of Accountancy
Reginald Thompson (PS)233Board of Bar Examiners
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)858Brown v. Board of Education Scholarship Committee
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)820Capitol Square Preservation Council
Jon Howe (BOS-GG)995Central Appropriations
Jason Saunders (BOS-GG)995Central Appropriations
Emily Grimes (BOS-GG)949Central Capital Outlay
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)842Chesapeake Bay Commission
Emily Ehrlichmann (HHR)200Children's Services Act
Adam Henken (EDT)242Christopher Newport University
Reginald Thompson (PS)113Circuit Courts
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)836Citizens' Advisory Council on Furnishing and Interpreting the Executive Mansion
Reginald Thompson (PS)116Combined District Courts
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)874Commission for the Commemoration of the Centennial of Women's Right to Vote
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)870Commission on Civics Education
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)877Commission on Economic Opportunity for Virginians in Aspiring and Diverse Communities
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)863Commission on Electric Utility Regulation
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)881Commission on School Construction and Modernization
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)879Commission on the May 31, 2019 Virginia Beach Mass Shooting
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)413Commission on the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)860Commission on Unemployment Compensation
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)878Commission to Evaluate Opportunity For Minority Business Expansion
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)880Commission to Study Slavery and Subsequent De Jure and De Facto Racial and Economic Discrimination Against African Americans
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)145Commissioners for the Promotion of Uniformity of Legislation in the United States
Reginald Thompson (PS)957Commonwealth's Attorneys' Services Council
Reginald Thompson (PS)157Compensation Board
Ainsley Walker (EDT)234Cooperative Extension and Agricultural Research Services
Reginald Thompson (PS)125Court of Appeals of Virginia
Kenneth McCabe (HHR)262Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services
Kenneth McCabe (HHR)702Department for the Blind and Vision Impaired
Kenneth McCabe (HHR)751Department for the Deaf and Hard-Of-Hearing
Emily Grimes (BOS-GG)151Department of Accounts
David Cohn (BOS-GG)151Department of Accounts
Emily Grimes (BOS-GG)162Department of Accounts Transfer Payments
David Cohn (BOS-GG)162Department of Accounts Transfer Payments
Emily Barksdale (CR)301Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Ainsley Walker (EDT)841Department of Aviation
Emily Ehrlichmann (HHR)720Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services
Samantha Martin (CR)199Department of Conservation and Recreation
Kelly Richards (PS)799Department of Corrections
Otniel Chis (PS)140Department of Criminal Justice Services
Aimie Gindi (EDT)201Department of Education, Central Office Operations
Ainsley Walker (EDT)201Department of Education, Central Office Operations
Emily Grimes (BOS-GG)132Department of Elections
Kelly Richards (PS)127Department of Emergency Management
Ximena TagleHodzic (CR)409Department of Energy
Ximena TagleHodzic (CR)440Department of Environmental Quality
Otniel Chis (PS)960Department of Fire Programs
Renae Vanderveldt (PS)778Department of Forensic Science
Robert Grier (CR)411Department of Forestry
Jason Saunders (BOS-GG)194Department of General Services
Robert Borge (HHR)601Department of Health
Robert Borge (HHR)223Department of Health Professions
Emily Barksdale (CR)423Department of Historic Resources
Samantha Martin (CR)165Department of Housing and Community Development
Emily Grimes (BOS-GG)129Department of Human Resource Management
Renae Vanderveldt (PS)777Department of Juvenile Justice
Ximena TagleHodzic (CR)181Department of Labor and Industry
Robert Grier (CR)181Department of Labor and Industry
Kenneth McCabe (HHR)602Department of Medical Assistance Services
Otniel Chis (PS)123Department of Military Affairs
Thomas Bernadas (EDT)154Department of Motor Vehicles
Thomas Bernadas (EDT)530Department of Motor Vehicles Transfer Payments
Latosha Johnson (BOS-GG)122Department of Planning and Budget
Robert Grier (CR)222Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation
Ryan Ramirez (EDT)505Department of Rail and Public Transportation
Ximena TagleHodzic (CR)350Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity
Victoria Baldwin (HHR)765Department of Social Services
Renae Vanderveldt (PS)156Department of State Police
Meredith Colonna (BOS-GG)161Department of Taxation
Meredith Colonna (BOS-GG)152Department of the Treasury
David Cohn (BOS-GG)152Department of the Treasury
Ryan Ramirez (EDT)501Department of Transportation
Ryan Ramirez (EDT)503Department of Transportation Transfer Payments
Renae Vanderveldt (PS)912Department of Veterans Services
Ximena TagleHodzic (CR)403Department of Wildlife Resources
Aimie Gindi (EDT)197Direct Aid to Public Education
Ainsley Walker (EDT)197Direct Aid to Public Education
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)961Division of Capitol Police
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)143Division of Debt Collection
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)109Division of Legislative Automated Systems
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)107Division of Legislative Services
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)845Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Commission
Ryan Ramirez (EDT)274Eastern Virginia Medical School
Samantha Martin (CR)312Economic Development Incentive Payments
Ximena TagleHodzic (CR)360Fort Monroe Authority
Ryan Ramirez (EDT)239Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia
Reginald Thompson (PS)114General District Courts
Jon Howe (BOS-GG)31General Fund Resources
Ryan Ramirez (EDT)247George Mason University
Emily Ehrlichmann (HHR)790Grants to Localities
Ainsley Walker (EDT)417Gunston Hall
Adam Henken (EDT)989Higher Education Research Initiative
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)101House of Delegates
Reginald Thompson (PS)848Indigent Defense Commission
Adam Henken (EDT)885Institute for Advanced Learning and Research
Emily Ehrlichmann (HHR)793Intellectual Disabilities Training Centers
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)921Interstate Organization Contributions
Adam Henken (EDT)216James Madison University
Thomas Bernadas (EDT)400Jamestown-Yorktown Commemorations
Thomas Bernadas (EDT)425Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)865Joint Commission on Administrative Rules
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)844Joint Commission on Health Care
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)847Joint Commission on Technology and Science
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)875Joint Commission on Transportation Accountability
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)110Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission
Renae Vanderveldt (PS)903Jones and Cabacoy Veterans Care Center
Reginald Thompson (PS)104Judicial Department Reversion Clearing Account
Reginald Thompson (PS)112Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission
Reginald Thompson (PS)115Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Courts
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)102Legislative Department Reversion Clearing Account
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)119Lieutenant Governor
Aimie Gindi (EDT)214Longwood University
Reginald Thompson (PS)103Magistrate System
Adam Henken (EDT)984Maintain Affordable Access
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)864Manufacturing Development Commission
Ximena TagleHodzic (CR)402Marine Resources Commission
Emily Ehrlichmann (HHR)792Mental Health Treatment Centers
Thomas Bernadas (EDT)506Motor Vehicle Dealer Board
Aimie Gindi (EDT)938New College Institute
Ryan Ramirez (EDT)213Norfolk State University
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)121Office of the Governor
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)147Office of the State Inspector General
Aimie Gindi (EDT)221Old Dominion University
Ryan Ramirez (EDT)244Online Virginia Network Authority
Robert Borge (HHR)856Opioid Abatement Authority
Renae Vanderveldt (PS)902Puller Veterans Care Center
Adam Henken (EDT)217Radford University
Ryan Ramirez (EDT)241Richard Bland College
Thomas Bernadas (EDT)935Roanoke Higher Education Authority
Latosha Johnson (BOS-GG)180Secretary of Administration
Samantha Martin (CR)193Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry
Samantha Martin (CR)192Secretary of Commerce and Trade
Aimie Gindi (EDT)185Secretary of Education
Latosha Johnson (BOS-GG)190Secretary of Finance
Kenneth McCabe (HHR)188Secretary of Health and Human Resources
Samantha Martin (CR)195Secretary of Labor
Ximena TagleHodzic (CR)195Secretary of Labor
Samantha Martin (CR)183Secretary of Natural and Historic Resources
Otniel Chis (PS)187Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)166Secretary of the Commonwealth
Ryan Ramirez (EDT)186Secretary of Transportation
Renae Vanderveldt (PS)454Secretary of Veterans and Defense Affairs
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)100Senate of Virginia
Renae Vanderveldt (PS)922Sitter & Barfoot Veterans Care Center
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)862Small Business Commission
Michael Maul (EDT)936Southeastern Universities Research Association Doing Business for Jefferson Science Associates, LLC
Ryan Ramirez (EDT)936Southeastern Universities Research Association Doing Business for Jefferson Science Associates, LLC
Ryan Ramirez (EDT)937Southern Virginia Higher Education Center
Adam Henken (EDT)948Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center
Latosha Johnson (BOS-GG)171State Corporation Commission
Adam Henken (EDT)245State Council of Higher Education for Virginia
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)986State Grants to Nonstate Entities-Nonstate Agencies
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)971State Water Commission
Reginald Thompson (PS)111Supreme Court
Kelly Richards (PS)779Sussex I and II State Prisons Complex
Ryan Ramirez (EDT)204The College of William and Mary in Virginia
Adam Henken (EDT)202The Library Of Virginia
Thomas Bernadas (EDT)146The Science Museum of Virginia
Samantha Martin (CR)851Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission
Meredith Colonna (BOS-GG)155Treasury Board
Ainsley Walker (EDT)215University of Mary Washington
Adam Henken (EDT)207University of Virginia
Adam Henken (EDT)209University of Virginia Medical Center
Ainsley Walker (EDT)246University of Virginia's College at Wise
Renae Vanderveldt (PS)913Veterans Services Foundation
Reginald Thompson (PS)999Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)867Virginia Bicentennial of the American War of 1812 Commission
Kenneth McCabe (HHR)606Virginia Board for People with Disabilities
Reginald Thompson (PS)977Virginia Cannabis Control Authority
Emily Ehrlichmann (HHR)794Virginia Center for Behavioral Rehabilitation
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)118Virginia Coal and Energy Commission
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)108Virginia Code Commission
Michael Maul (EDT)941Virginia College Building Authority
Latosha Johnson (BOS-GG)174Virginia College Savings Plan
Ryan Ramirez (EDT)509Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority
Adam Henken (EDT)148Virginia Commission for the Arts
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)105Virginia Commission on Intergovernmental Cooperation
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)839Virginia Commission on Youth
Aimie Gindi (EDT)236Virginia Commonwealth University
Adam Henken (EDT)260Virginia Community College System
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)876Virginia Conflict of Interest and Ethics Advisory Council
Michael Maul (EDT)229Virginia Cooperative Extension and Agricultural Experiment Station
Janet Vogelgesang (EDT)229Virginia Cooperative Extension and Agricultural Experiment Station
Reginald Thompson (PS)160Virginia Criminal Sentencing Commission
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)837Virginia Disability Commission
Samantha Martin (CR)310Virginia Economic Development Partnership
Samantha Martin (CR)182Virginia Employment Commission
Kenneth McCabe (HHR)852Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)834Virginia Freedom of Information Advisory Council
Meredith Colonna (BOS-GG)136Virginia Information Technologies Agency
Samantha Martin (CR)309Virginia Innovation Partnership Authority
Ryan Ramirez (EDT)268Virginia Institute of Marine Science
Latosha Johnson (BOS-GG)172Virginia Lottery
Emily Grimes (BOS-GG)164Virginia Management Fellows Program Administration
Ainsley Walker (EDT)211Virginia Military Institute
Michael Maul (EDT)238Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Janet Vogelgesang (EDT)238Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Ainsley Walker (EDT)942Virginia Museum of Natural History
Otniel Chis (PS)766Virginia Parole Board
Ryan Ramirez (EDT)522Virginia Passenger Rail Authority
Michael Maul (EDT)208Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Janet Vogelgesang (EDT)208Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Thomas Bernadas (EDT)407Virginia Port Authority
Emily Barksdale (CR)405Virginia Racing Commission
Kenneth McCabe (HHR)263Virginia Rehabilitation Center for the Blind and Vision Impaired
Jason Saunders (BOS-GG)972Virginia Resources Authority
Latosha Johnson (BOS-GG)158Virginia Retirement System
Aimie Gindi (EDT)218Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)859Virginia Sesquicentennial of the American Civil War Commission
Reginald Thompson (PS)117Virginia State Bar
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)142Virginia State Crime Commission
Ainsley Walker (EDT)212Virginia State University
Ximena TagleHodzic (CR)320Virginia Tourism Authority
Renae Vanderveldt (PS)128Virginia Veterans Care Center
Latosha Johnson (BOS-GG)191Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)872Virginia World War I and World War II Commemoration Commission
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)330Virginia-Israel Advisory Board
Kenneth McCabe (HHR)203Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center