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DPB AnalystAgcy CdAgency Name (formal)
Emily Grimes (BOS-GG)9509(C) Revenue Bonds
Emily Grimes (BOS-GG)9519(D) Revenue Bonds
Latosha Johnson (BOS-GG)149Administration of Health Insurance
Meredith Colonna (BOS-GG)883American Revolution 250 Commission
Jason Saunders (BOS-GG)990Appropriation Vetoes
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)141Attorney General and Department of Law
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)133Auditor of Public Accounts
Meredith Colonna (BOS-GG)871Autism Advisory Council
Meredith Colonna (BOS-GG)882Behavioral Health Commission
Caroline Powers (BOS-GG)226Board of Accountancy
Meredith Colonna (BOS-GG)858Brown v. Board of Education Scholarship Committee
Meredith Colonna (BOS-GG)820Capitol Square Preservation Council
Jason Saunders (BOS-GG)995Central Appropriations
Emily Grimes (BOS-GG)949Central Capital Outlay
Meredith Colonna (BOS-GG)842Chesapeake Bay Commission
Jason Saunders (BOS-GG)836Citizens' Advisory Council on Furnishing and Interpreting the Executive Mansion
Meredith Colonna (BOS-GG)863Commission on Electric Utility Regulation
Meredith Colonna (BOS-GG)881Commission on School Construction and Modernization
Meredith Colonna (BOS-GG)879Commission on the May 31, 2019 Virginia Beach Mass Shooting
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)413Commission on the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program
Meredith Colonna (BOS-GG)860Commission on Unemployment Compensation
Meredith Colonna (BOS-GG)878Commission to Evaluate Opportunity For Minority Business Expansion
Meredith Colonna (BOS-GG)880Commission to Study Slavery and Subsequent De Jure and De Facto Racial and Economic Discrimination Against African Americans
Meredith Colonna (BOS-GG)145Commissioners for the Promotion of Uniformity of Legislation in the United States
Jacob Galla (BOS-GG)151Department of Accounts
Jacob Galla (BOS-GG)162Department of Accounts Transfer Payments
Caroline Powers (BOS-GG)132Department of Elections
Jacob Galla (BOS-GG)194Department of General Services
Latosha Johnson (BOS-GG)129Department of Human Resource Management
Latosha Johnson (BOS-GG)122Department of Planning and Budget
Meredith Colonna (BOS-GG)161Department of Taxation
Emily Grimes (BOS-GG)152Department of the Treasury
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)961Division of Capitol Police
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)143Division of Debt Collection
Meredith Colonna (BOS-GG)109Division of Legislative Automated Systems
Meredith Colonna (BOS-GG)107Division of Legislative Services
Meredith Colonna (BOS-GG)845Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Commission
Jon Howe (BOS-GG)31General Fund Resources
Jason Saunders (BOS-GG)30General Provisions
Meredith Colonna (BOS-GG)101House of Delegates
Jason Saunders (BOS-GG)921Interstate Organization Contributions
Meredith Colonna (BOS-GG)865Joint Commission on Administrative Rules
Meredith Colonna (BOS-GG)844Joint Commission on Health Care
Meredith Colonna (BOS-GG)847Joint Commission on Technology and Science
Meredith Colonna (BOS-GG)875Joint Commission on Transportation Accountability
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)110Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission
Sara Tatum (BOS-GG)102Legislative Department Reversion Clearing Account
Jason Saunders (BOS-GG)119Lieutenant Governor
Meredith Colonna (BOS-GG)864Manufacturing Development Commission
Jason Saunders (BOS-GG)167Office of Data Governance and Analytics
Jason Saunders (BOS-GG)121Office of the Governor
Emily Grimes (BOS-GG)147Office of the State Inspector General
Jason Saunders (BOS-GG)992Planned Reversions
Jason Saunders (BOS-GG)180Secretary of Administration
Jason Saunders (BOS-GG)190Secretary of Finance
Jason Saunders (BOS-GG)166Secretary of the Commonwealth
Meredith Colonna (BOS-GG)100Senate of Virginia
Meredith Colonna (BOS-GG)862Small Business Commission
Latosha Johnson (BOS-GG)171State Corporation Commission
Jason Saunders (BOS-GG)986State Grants to Nonstate Entities-Nonstate Agencies
Meredith Colonna (BOS-GG)971State Water Commission
Emily Grimes (BOS-GG)155Treasury Board
Meredith Colonna (BOS-GG)867Virginia Bicentennial of the American War of 1812 Commission
Meredith Colonna (BOS-GG)118Virginia Coal and Energy Commission
Meredith Colonna (BOS-GG)108Virginia Code Commission
Jacob Galla (BOS-GG)174Virginia College Savings Plan
Meredith Colonna (BOS-GG)105Virginia Commission on Intergovernmental Cooperation
Meredith Colonna (BOS-GG)839Virginia Commission on Youth
Meredith Colonna (BOS-GG)876Virginia Conflict of Interest and Ethics Advisory Council
Meredith Colonna (BOS-GG)837Virginia Disability Commission
Meredith Colonna (BOS-GG)834Virginia Freedom of Information Advisory Council
Meredith Colonna (BOS-GG)840Virginia Housing Commission
Meredith Colonna (BOS-GG)136Virginia Information Technologies Agency
Caroline Powers (BOS-GG)172Virginia Lottery
Latosha Johnson (BOS-GG)164Virginia Management Fellows Program Administration
Emily Grimes (BOS-GG)972Virginia Resources Authority
Emily Grimes (BOS-GG)158Virginia Retirement System
Meredith Colonna (BOS-GG)142Virginia State Crime Commission
Latosha Johnson (BOS-GG)191Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission
Meredith Colonna (BOS-GG)872Virginia World War I and World War II Commemoration Commission
Meredith Colonna (BOS-GG)330Virginia-Israel Advisory Board