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DPB AnalystAgcy CdAgency Name (formal)
Samantha Martin (CR)307Agricultural Council
Emily Barksdale (CR)301Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Samantha Martin (CR)199Department of Conservation and Recreation
Ximena TagleHodzic (CR)409Department of Energy
Ximena TagleHodzic (CR)440Department of Environmental Quality
Robert Grier (CR)411Department of Forestry
Emily Barksdale (CR)423Department of Historic Resources
Samantha Martin (CR)165Department of Housing and Community Development
Ximena TagleHodzic (CR)181Department of Labor and Industry
Robert Grier (CR)181Department of Labor and Industry
Robert Grier (CR)222Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation
Ximena TagleHodzic (CR)350Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity
Ximena TagleHodzic (CR)403Department of Wildlife Resources
Ximena TagleHodzic (CR)327Department of Workforce Development and Advancement
Samantha Martin (CR)312Economic Development Incentive Payments
Ximena TagleHodzic (CR)360Fort Monroe Authority
Ximena TagleHodzic (CR)402Marine Resources Commission
Samantha Martin (CR)193Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry
Samantha Martin (CR)192Secretary of Commerce and Trade
Samantha Martin (CR)195Secretary of Labor
Ximena TagleHodzic (CR)195Secretary of Labor
Samantha Martin (CR)183Secretary of Natural and Historic Resources
Samantha Martin (CR)851Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission
Samantha Martin (CR)310Virginia Economic Development Partnership
Samantha Martin (CR)182Virginia Employment Commission
Samantha Martin (CR)309Virginia Innovation Partnership Authority
Emily Barksdale (CR)405Virginia Racing Commission
Ximena TagleHodzic (CR)320Virginia Tourism Authority