Budget Execution Adjustments
NGF Cash Balance Adjustments for Selected Months of FY2019
Agcy CdAgency NameAdjustment TitleAdjustment TypeRequest NumberTransfer Link IdProgram CdProgram TitleProject CdProject TitleTotal DollarsTotal PositionsDate Sent To Cardinal
934Innovation and Entrepreneurship Investment AuthorityAppropriate partial cash balance for 1st quarter CRCF paymentsE - Nongeneral fund cash balance29690534Economic Development Services$790,0006/22/2018
407Virginia Port AuthorityReappropriation Va Econ Infr Dev GrantE - Nongeneral fund cash balance29904534Economic Development Services$510,0007/16/2018
790Grants to LocalitiesCarryforward Trust Fund AppropriationE - Nongeneral fund cash balance29812445Financial Assistance for Health Services$5,500,0007/17/2018
934Innovation and Entrepreneurship Investment AuthorityRequest CRCF Disbursement for August 2018E - Nongeneral fund cash balance29906534Economic Development Services$330,0007/17/2018
501Department of TransportationTo bring forward balance to support I-66 construction spending E - Nongeneral fund cash balance29898606Commonwealth Toll Facilities$1,947,0397/18/2018
141Attorney General and Department of Law141-Asset Forefeiture Appropriation IncreaseE - Nongeneral fund cash balance29867320Legal Advice$500,0007/27/2018
501Department of TransportationAppropriate the 495 Concession Fund remaining balance to support expenditure activityE - Nongeneral fund cash balance29944603Highway Construction Programs$206,4167/27/2018
501Department of TransportationAppropriate balance to support I-64 HOT facililty constructionE - Nongeneral fund cash balance29958606Commonwealth Toll Facilities$27,612,4677/27/2018
409Department of Mines, Minerals and EnergyAppropriate and allot Oxycontin Fund BalanceE - Nongeneral fund cash balance29720506Minerals Management$45,2237/30/2018
156Department of State Police156-FY19-DVL-Abbott FundsE - Nongeneral fund cash balance29952310Law Enforcement and Highway Safety Services$1,722,0278/3/2018
10 Adjustments ListedTotal Amount$39,163,1720.00