Budget Execution Adjustments
NGF Cash Balance Adjustments for Selected Months of FY2019
Agcy CdAgency NameAdjustment TitleAdjustment TypeRequest NumberTransfer Link IdProgram CdProgram TitleProject CdProject TitleTotal DollarsTotal PositionsDate Sent To Cardinal
934Innovation and Entrepreneurship Investment AuthorityAppropriate partial cash balance for 1st quarter CRCF paymentsE - Nongeneral fund cash balance29690534Economic Development Services$790,0006/22/2018
407Virginia Port AuthorityReappropriation Va Econ Infr Dev GrantE - Nongeneral fund cash balance29904534Economic Development Services$510,0007/16/2018
790Grants to LocalitiesCarryforward Trust Fund AppropriationE - Nongeneral fund cash balance29812445Financial Assistance for Health Services$5,500,0007/17/2018
934Innovation and Entrepreneurship Investment AuthorityRequest CRCF Disbursement for August 2018E - Nongeneral fund cash balance29906534Economic Development Services$330,0007/17/2018
501Department of TransportationTo bring forward balance to support I-66 construction spending E - Nongeneral fund cash balance29898606Commonwealth Toll Facilities$1,947,0397/18/2018
141Attorney General and Department of Law141-Asset Forefeiture Appropriation IncreaseE - Nongeneral fund cash balance29867320Legal Advice$500,0007/27/2018
501Department of TransportationAppropriate the 495 Concession Fund remaining balance to support expenditure activityE - Nongeneral fund cash balance29944603Highway Construction Programs$206,4167/27/2018
501Department of TransportationAppropriate balance to support I-64 HOT facililty constructionE - Nongeneral fund cash balance29958606Commonwealth Toll Facilities$27,612,4677/27/2018
409Department of Mines, Minerals and EnergyAppropriate and allot Oxycontin Fund BalanceE - Nongeneral fund cash balance29720506Minerals Management$45,2237/30/2018
156Department of State Police156-FY19-DVL-Abbott FundsE - Nongeneral fund cash balance29952310Law Enforcement and Highway Safety Services$1,722,0278/3/2018
199Department of Conservation and RecreationAppropriation Increase for Fund 09170E - Nongeneral fund cash balance29913504Leisure and Recreation Services$3,990,6008/17/2018
934Innovation and Entrepreneurship Investment AuthorityAppropriate remaining cash balance for CRCFE - Nongeneral fund cash balance29963534Economic Development Services$2,224,8698/17/2018
204The College of William and Mary in VirginiaIncrease Appropriation for CIT/CRCF AwardE - Nongeneral fund cash balance29971110Financial Assistance For Educational and General Services$22,2358/17/2018
407Virginia Port AuthorityReappropriation VaEcon Infr Dev Grant-2E - Nongeneral fund cash balance30002534Economic Development Services$2,670,0008/17/2018
601Department of HealthIncrease 02110 Program 405 AppropriationE - Nongeneral fund cash balance30149405Communicable Disease Prevention and Control$164,5178/21/2018
440Department of Environmental Quality006 - Carryforward Approp. for NPS ProjectsE - Nongeneral fund cash balance29808515Environmental Financial Assistance$1,200,0008/23/2018
870Commission on Civics EducationAppropriation of NGF cash balanceE - Nongeneral fund cash balance29961199Administrative and Support Services$5,1538/23/2018
440Department of Environmental Quality002 - Establish Approp. for the Chlorophyll StudyE - Nongeneral fund cash balance29800512Water Protection$118,7558/24/2018
440Department of Environmental Quality010 - Establish Approp. for Fish Killing FundE - Nongeneral fund cash balance29830512Water Protection$32,0009/11/2018
132Department of Elections2018 HAVA Security Grant Set UpE - Nongeneral fund cash balance29960723Electoral Services$600,0009/11/2018
350Department of Small Business and Supplier DiversityAdd appropriation for fund 02710E - Nongeneral fund cash balance30210534Economic Development Services$4,8589/12/2018
423Department of Historic ResourcesReappropriation of Civil War Preservation FundsE - Nongeneral fund cash balance30225502Historic and Commemorative Attraction Management$60,0009/13/2018
841Department of AviationAdjust aviation licensing and regulation appropriationE - Nongeneral fund cash balance30323655Air Transportation System Planning, Regulation, Communication and Education$88,4859/17/2018
841Department of AviationAdjust aircraft operations and maintenance appropriationE - Nongeneral fund cash balance30324656State Aircraft Flight Operations$1,103,1069/17/2018
841Department of AviationAdjust air transportation planning and development appropriationE - Nongeneral fund cash balance30325655Air Transportation System Planning, Regulation, Communication and Education$59,2739/17/2018
841Department of AviationAdjust aviation communication and education appropriationE - Nongeneral fund cash balance30332655Air Transportation System Planning, Regulation, Communication and Education$79,1159/17/2018
841Department of AviationAdjust general management and direction appropriationE - Nongeneral fund cash balance30333699Administrative and Support Services$597,8819/17/2018
602Department of Medical Assistance ServicesReappropriate Uninsured Medical Catastrophe Fund prior year balanceE - Nongeneral fund cash balance30117464Medical Assistance Services (Non-Medicaid)$464,9759/18/2018
409Department of Mines, Minerals and EnergyDisbursement of Funds to VA Coalfield Economic Development Authority and VA Coalfield Tourism Development AuthorityE - Nongeneral fund cash balance29974599Administrative and Support Services$334,7409/19/2018
192Secretary of Commerce and TradeAppropriate cash balance in the Advanced Shipbuilding Production Facility Grant FundE - Nongeneral fund cash balance30318534Economic Development Services$6,000,0009/19/2018
505Department of Rail and Public TransportationTo request appropriation for fund 04770 in the amount of $40,000,000 based on cash balance at end of FY 2018E - Nongeneral fund cash balance30317609Financial Assistance for Public Transportation$40,000,0009/21/2018
409Department of Mines, Minerals and EnergyAppropriate and allot 07409 Fund BalanceE - Nongeneral fund cash balance30346506Minerals Management$9,9149/21/2018
506Motor Vehicle Dealer BoardIncrease Appropriation to Reflect Billing IncreaseE - Nongeneral fund cash balance30558550Consumer Affairs Services$1,73010/5/2018
506Motor Vehicle Dealer BoardIncrease Appropriation to Reflect Billing IncreaseE - Nongeneral fund cash balance30558560Regulation of Professions and Occupations$65,69010/5/2018
133Auditor of Public AccountsTechnology Purchase AdjustmentE - Nongeneral fund cash balance30604783Legislative Evaluation and Review$385,00010/5/2018
601Department of HealthGray's Creek Marina - OEHSE - Nongeneral fund cash balance30109565Environmental Health Hazards Control$1,392,98510/10/2018
601Department of HealthIncrease 02601 Appropriation for the Central PharmacyE - Nongeneral fund cash balance30578405Communicable Disease Prevention and Control$873,53710/15/2018
199Department of Conservation and RecreationAppropriate 09261 Prior Year Cash E - Nongeneral fund cash balance30221503Land and Resource Management$280,57310/29/2018
199Department of Conservation and RecreationAppropriate 09180 prior year cash E - Nongeneral fund cash balance30241504Leisure and Recreation Services$1,750,00010/29/2018
208Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University208 - 0007 - VRIF - FY19 - BEX 30676E - Nongeneral fund cash balance30676110Financial Assistance For Educational and General Services$18,00011/2/2018
141Attorney General and Department of Law141-Equitable Sharing / Asset Forfeiture Increase FY2019E - Nongeneral fund cash balance30769320Legal Advice$1,000,00011/8/2018
423Department of Historic ResourcesIncrease to 02800 appropriationE - Nongeneral fund cash balance30581599Administrative and Support Services$36,90011/16/2018
301Department of Agriculture and Consumer ServicesAppropriate a portion of year end cash balance for AFID FundE - Nongeneral fund cash balance30688534Economic Development Services$1,000,00011/26/2018
872Virginia World War I and World War II Commemoration CommissionReappropriation of NGF dollarsE - Nongeneral fund cash balance30684146Human Relations Management$5,00012/5/2018
350Department of Small Business and Supplier DiversityAppropriate cash balance for Small Business Investment GrantE - Nongeneral fund cash balance30759534Economic Development Services$1912/6/2018
501Department of TransportationTo bring forward TPOF appropriation to support project spendingE - Nongeneral fund cash balance29837603Highway Construction Programs$9,500,00012/7/2018
402Marine Resources CommissionIncrease Appropriation Fund 02231E - Nongeneral fund cash balance30916505Marine Life Management$247,50012/7/2018
47 Adjustments ListedTotal Amount$115,550,5830.00