Budget Execution Adjustments
NGF Cash Balance Adjustments for Selected Months of FY2020
Agcy CdAgency NameAdjustment TitleAdjustment TypeRequest NumberTransfer Link IdProgram CdProgram TitleProject CdProject TitleTotal DollarsTotal PositionsDate Sent To Cardinal
934Innovation and Entrepreneurship Investment AuthorityRequest CRCF Distribution for July 2019E - Nongeneral fund cash balance32329534Economic Development Services$1,002,9446/20/2019
501Department of TransportationTo bring forward appropriation balance to support I-64 HOT facility construction spendingE - Nongeneral fund cash balance32553606Commonwealth Toll Facilities$9,280,7367/10/2019
156Department of State Police156-FY19-DVL-Abbott FundsE - Nongeneral fund cash balance32549310Law Enforcement and Highway Safety Services$614,1877/17/2019
934Innovation and Entrepreneurship Investment AuthorityRequest CRCF Distribution for August 2019E - Nongeneral fund cash balance32588534Economic Development Services$253,7117/23/2019
423Department of Historic ResourcesRequest Appropriation for fund 09106E - Nongeneral fund cash balance32771502Historic and Commemorative Attraction Management$7,0007/23/2019
409Department of Mines, Minerals and EnergyAppropriate and allot Oxycontin Fund BalanceE - Nongeneral fund cash balance32318506Minerals Management$40,9057/26/2019
409Department of Mines, Minerals and EnergyAppropriate and allot 07409 Fund BalanceE - Nongeneral fund cash balance32319506Minerals Management$9,7397/26/2019
440Department of Environmental Quality002 - Establish Approp. for the Chlorophyll StudyE - Nongeneral fund cash balance32376512Water Protection$118,7558/2/2019
440Department of Environmental Quality006 - Establish Approp. for NPS ProjectsE - Nongeneral fund cash balance32384515Environmental Financial Assistance$1,500,0008/2/2019
440Department of Environmental Quality010 - Establish Approp. for Fish Killing FundE - Nongeneral fund cash balance32388512Water Protection$45,0008/2/2019
111Supreme CourtVirginia Law Foundation GrantE - Nongeneral fund cash balance32911399Administrative and Support Services$38,1508/5/2019
423Department of Historic ResourcesRequest Appropriation for fund 02900E - Nongeneral fund cash balance32780502Historic and Commemorative Attraction Management$59,2508/9/2019
350Department of Small Business and Supplier DiversityAppropriate partial cash balance of the Small Business Jobs Grant FundE - Nongeneral fund cash balance32902534Economic Development Services$20,9038/9/2019
501Department of Transportation Increase appropriation to support Coleman Facilities Maintenance Spending E - Nongeneral fund cash balance32884606Commonwealth Toll Facilities$1,608,8208/12/2019
440Department of Environmental Quality011 - Increase 02870 AppropriationE - Nongeneral fund cash balance32393599Administrative and Support Services$100,0008/13/2019
934Innovation and Entrepreneurship Investment AuthorityAppropriate remaining cash balance for CRCF awards E - Nongeneral fund cash balance32947534Economic Development Services$2,208,1108/20/2019
501Department of TransportationIncrease Appropriation to support Transportation Partnership Opportunity (TPOF)E - Nongeneral fund cash balance32364603Highway Construction Programs$6,387,7588/21/2019
501Department of TransportationAppropriate the 495 Concession Fund remaining balance to support expenditure activityE - Nongeneral fund cash balance32531603Highway Construction Programs$22,4218/21/2019
18 Adjustments ListedTotal Amount$23,318,3890.00