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Department of State Police (156)
Strategic PlanningBiennium

The Virginia State Police, independent yet supportive of other law enforcement and criminal justice agencies, will provide high quality, statewide law enforcement services to the people of Virginia and our visitors; and will actively plan, train and promote emergency preparedness to protect the citizens of the Commonwealth and its infrastructure.

Document Archive
Document TypeBiennium
Strategic Plan2008-2010
Strategic Plan2010-2012
Executive Progress Report2012-2014
Budget Information
BienniumChapter TitleYear 1Year 2Year 1Year 2
2018-2020Chaper 2, 2018-2020$373,755,462$374,073,6213,020.003,024.00
2016-2018Chapter 1, 2016-2018$331,677,126$339,651,0552,966.003,007.00
2014-2016Chapter 732, Caboose Bill$314,218,998$311,441,2342,922.002,924.00
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Performance Measures
Active performance measures for this agency
Detailed Measures Report - Table Format
Measure NameMeasure Class
Average cost to handle a violation of exceeding the speed limitProductivity
Average response time to emergency callsAgency Key
Average time required to respond to and correct Statewide Agencies Radio System (STARS) and Commonwealth Link to Interoperable Communications (COMLINC) trouble callsOther Agency
Number of commercial vehicle inspections conductedOther Agency
Number of drug arrests made by Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) personnel, including task forces and specialty unitsOther Agency
Number of firearms transactions improperly approved due to Virginia Department of State Police errorAgency Key
Number of investigations successfully closed involving insurance fraud and related offensesOther Agency
Number of non-drug arrests made by Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) personnel, including task forces and specialty unitsOther Agency
Number of station visits conductedOther Agency
Percentage of crime victims and individuals involved in traffic accidents who rate their experience with the department as "Very Good" or "Excellent"Agency Key
Percentage of the investigations successfully closed involving sex offenders failing to registerAgency Key
Time required to notify the issuing court regarding identification of persons in the concealed weapon permit database who are also in the protective order and/or mental health databasesOther Agency
12 Measures
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