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Department of Rail and Public Transportation (505)
Strategic PlanningBiennium

The mission of DRPT is to facilitate and improve the mobility of the citizens of Virginia and to promote the efficient transport of goods and people in a safe, reliable and cost-effective manner.

Document Archive
Document TypeBiennium
Strategic Plan2008-2010
Strategic Plan2010-2012
Strategic Plan2012-2014
Executive Progress Report2012-2014
Budget Information
BienniumChapter TitleYear 1Year 2Year 1Year 2
2020-2022Chapter 552, 2021 Acts of Assembly, Special Session I$862,250,555$935,455,31672.0072.00
2018-2020Chapter 1283, 2020 Acts of Assembly$590,493,113$590,493,11364.0064.00
2016-2018Chapter 1, 2016-2018$581,971,433$590,190,98660.0064.00
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There are no actively funded capital projects associated with this agency
Performance Measures
Active performance measures for this agency
Detailed Measures Report - Table Format
Measure NameMeasure Class
Dollar volume of funds going to transit and rail projects in Virginia from all sources.Agency Key
DRPT staff is recognized as subject matter experts through external speaking engagements and leadership at regional planning organization meetingsAgency Key
Implement stronger project readiness measures.Agency Key
Increase in rail and transit capacity (freight and passenger)Agency Key
Number of households with multi-modal opportunities.Agency Key
Number of passenger miles of travel saved by customers of commuter assistance agencies in Virginia.Agency Key
Number of passenger trips provided for transit dependent Virginians.Agency Key
Number of people taking non-SOV trips.Agency Key
Number of truckload equivalents removed from Virginia's highways through completed Rail Enhancement projects.Agency Key
Number of truckload equivalents removed or prevented from Virginia’s highways through Rail Industrial Access (RIA) funded projectsOther Agency
Number of trucks removed from Virginia’s highways through Rail Preservation projects.Other Agency
Operational measures as benchmarked against national trends are achieved consistently regarding ridership (rail & transit), capacity (rail & transit) and on-time performance (rail only)Agency Key
Operational measures as benchmarked against national trends are achieved consistently regarding ridership (rail & transit), capacity (rail & transit), and on-time performance (rail only).Agency Key
Priorities defined in Rail and Transit plans are achieved through each SYIP.Agency Key
Projects are delivered on schedule and on budget.Agency Key
Proximity of rail and transit options to citizensAgency Key
Ridership on state-sponsored passenger rail service.Agency Key
Ridership on transit systems in Virginia.Agency Key
Survey of stakeholders to assess both support of needs met and active leadership provided by DRPTAgency Key
Total annual agency administrative cost as a percentage of total expenditures administered.Productivity
20 Measures
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