Virginia Agencies List
This page lists all Virginia Government Agencies that participate in strategic planning in Virginia's Performance Budgeting System. You may select a Secretarial Area and choose submit to see all the agencies that fall under that area.

Secretarial Area
Agencies in the Agriculture and Forestry secretariat promote the economic growth and development of Virginia agriculture, provide consumer protection, and encourage environmental stewardship.
Highlights of Key Objectives
Increase the market value of Virginia's food, agricultural, and forestry products.
Enhance food safety and security programs.
Increase the amount of permanently preserved farms and forestlands in Virginia.
Prevent and manage foreign and emerging animal and poultry diseases.
Improve water quality by increasing the usage of best management practices implemented on timber harvest operations.
Improve management practices on private forestland, including forest stand management and expansion, wildlife habitat practices, community tree planting, and erosion and water quality control.
Agencies in Agriculture and Forestry
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Agency NameAgency CodeSecretarial Area
Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services301Agriculture and Forestry
Department of Forestry411Agriculture and Forestry
Virginia Racing Commission405Agriculture and Forestry

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