Virginia Agencies List
This page lists all Virginia Government Agencies that participate in strategic planning in Virginia's Performance Budgeting System. You may select a Secretarial Area and choose submit to see all the agencies that fall under that area.

Secretarial Area
Agencies in the Finance secretariat handle all the financial transactions of the Commonwealth - from collecting taxes, to paying bills, to distributing aid to localities. Their responsibilities include forecasting and collecting revenues; managing the Commonwealth's cash and investments; selling bonds; overseeing internal audits; making strategic financial plans; and preparing and executing the Commonwealth's budget.
Highlights of Key Objectives
Develop a financially sound budget.
Produce high-quality and timely analyses and financial reports.
Enhance compliance with internal controls.
Achieve the best rates on bond issues.
Exceed the industry benchmark for yield on investment earnings.
Issue tax refunds and respond to taxpayer inquiries in a timely manner.
Issue Commonwealth checks accurately and on time.
Agencies in Finance
Click on an agency to go to the agency page showing strategic planning, performance measures and budgetary information for that agency.
Agency NameAgency CodeSecretarial Area
Board of Accountancy226Finance
Department of Accounts151Finance
Department of Planning and Budget122Finance
Department of Taxation161Finance
Department of the Treasury152Finance

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