Virginia Agencies List
This page lists all Virginia Government Agencies that participate in strategic planning in Virginia's Performance Budgeting System. You may select a Secretarial Area and choose submit to see all the agencies that fall under that area.

Secretarial Area
The Natural Resources secretariat protects, conserves, and promotes the wise use of Virginia's natural and historical resources. Agencies in the secretariat encourage the responsible enjoyment of Virginia's wildlife, enforce boating and hunting safety, improve water quality, control water and air pollution, promote land use management that helps restore the Chesapeake Bay, develop and operate state parks, and provide research and education on Virginia's rich cultural and natural history.
Highlights of Key Objectives
Improve and protect air and water quality.
Conserve and protect land.
Provide outstanding state park facilities, services, and programs.
Ensure marine commercial and recreational fisheries enforcement.
Conserve and manage sustainable commercial and recreational fisheries.
Provide quality hunting, fishing, and boating recreational experiences.
Recognize and help protect historic resources and properties.
Increase attendance and access to educational opportunities at the Museum of Natural History.
Agencies in Natural Resources
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