Virginia Agencies List
This page lists all Virginia Government Agencies that participate in strategic planning in Virginia's Performance Budgeting System. You may select a Secretarial Area and choose submit to see all the agencies that fall under that area.

Secretarial Area
The Transportation secretariat ensures our Commonwealth has a safe and efficient transportation system to support and improve every Virginian's quality of life. Agencies in the Transportation secretariat provide a wide array of products and services including road construction and repairs, rest area maintenance, regulating sea ports, airports and rail, and issuing license plates and driver's licenses.
Highlights of Key Objectives
Decrease the number of traffic fatalities.
Reduce customer wait times at Department of Motor Vehicle service centers.
Preserve, manage, and operate existing transportation infrastructure to enhance security, safety, and performance and manage traffic congestion.
Complete highway and rail construction and maintenance projects on-time and on-budget.
Maintain, improve, and develop public transportation systems in Virginia.
Retain, maintain, improve, and develop railways.
Increase passenger traffic at air carrier airports and the overall economic activity generated by Virginia's aviation system.
Increase the amount of cargo shipped through the Port of Virginia and the number of jobs created by port-related businesses.
Agencies in Transportation
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Agency NameAgency CodeSecretarial Area
Department of Aviation841Transportation
Department of Motor Vehicles154Transportation
Department of Motor Vehicles Transfer Payments530Transportation
Department of Rail and Public Transportation505Transportation
Department of Transportation501Transportation
Motor Vehicle Dealer Board506Transportation
Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority509Transportation
Virginia Passenger Rail Authority522Transportation
Virginia Port Authority407Transportation

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