Performance Measure
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Number of non-drug arrests made by Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) personnel, including task forces and specialty units
Measure Last Modified
Jul 24 2014 07:37
Measure Last Published
Jun 12 2017 02:56
Measure Status
Data Source and Calculation

Information pertaining to the number of arrests is maintained in the department's Field Activity Computerized Tracking System (FACTS). The arrests codes counted exclude 2800 (Drugs: Manufacture, Sale, Distribution), 2801 (Drugs: Possession) and 2802 (Drugs: Other). Durring 2014, the Bureau of Criminal Investigation will be migrating from FACTS to the Law Enforcement Activity Management System (LEAMS). The arrest types counted will exclude Drugs - Dispensing Paraphernalia, Drugs - Manufacture, Sale, Distribution, Drugs - Misbranded and Adulterated, Drugs - Obtaining Paraphernalia, Drugs - Other Offenses Including Paraphernalia, Drugs - Possess/Distribution Paraphernalia, Drugs - Possession, Drugs - Storage/Usage/Disposition Paraphernalia.

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Measure ID15631006.001.001
Measure ClassOther Agency
Measure TypeOutput
Year TypeState FY
Preferred TrendIncrease
Cumulative DataNo
Statistical UnitNumber
Baseline and Targets
Target NameDateResultNote
Short Target 2020
Long Target 2022
Measure Results
YearQ1Q2Q3Q4Explanatory Note
20121,0918001,3591,563Vacancies, extended sick leave and military leave have affected this measure.
20131,1249511,0431,354During this period, investigative personnel from across the state have been deployed to the Eastern Shore in support of a major arson investigation.
20141,6029691,1021,002BCI has been working several high profile violent crime cases in multiple jurisdictions. These cases have required significant manpower. There has also been an increase in police-involved shooting investigations requested by localities. Data for the fourth quarter of FY 2014 is preliminary.
20151,2329001,156635Increased number of requests to investigate high-profile cases and the number of police officer-involved shooting investigations continue to impact this performance measure.
2016487291228183For the fourth quarter, the new investigative reporting and management system is causing recordation and statistical retrieval issues, which is being addressed through a recently convened work group. Additionally, large scale investigations across the Commonwealth diverted available resources that would be used to address more routine investigations in a timely manner.
2017204173317238For the fourth quarter, the investigative reporting and management system continues to cause recordation and statistical retrieval issues, which is being addressed through a work group.
2018203188250236For the fourth quarter, the investigative reporting and management system caused recordation and statistical retrieval issues.
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