Performance Measure
Measure Name
Percent of patient care cases resolved within 250 business days
Measure Last Modified
Jun 10 2020 01:18
Measure Last Published
Sep 26 2018 09:53
Measure Status
Data Source and Calculation
Each quarter, researchers receive a data download from the Department of Health Professions’ data center. This download is generated from the department’s existing MLO data system. This measure calculates the number of patient care cases closed in a given quarter and divides that number by the number of cases requiring more than 250 to process. The date a case was received makes use of an 8 quarter moving window to measure so only those cases that were received in the previous two years are included.
Enterprise Priorities and Strategies
Enterprise InitiativeEnterprise PriorityEnterprise Strategy
Public Safety and Homeland SecurityPublic SafetyProtect our citizens and ensure everyone lives in a safe community.
Associated Service Areas
SA CodeSA Name
56044Technical Assistance to Regulatory Boards
Measure ID22356044.002.002
Measure ClassOther Agency
Measure TypeOutput
Year TypeState FY
Preferred TrendStable
Cumulative DataNo
Statistical UnitPercentage
Baseline and Targets
Target NameDateResultNote
Baseline09/01/201668We're currently running a comparison with a similar measure (without days spent in continuance) in order to better represent the time the Agency spends actively working a case (as the time spent in continuance is outside of the Agency's influence).
Short Target 202006/30/202097
Long Target 202206/30/202097
Measure Results
YearQ1Q2Q3Q4Explanatory Note
201687868487There has been a push across the agency to close cases that have been open for longer than 250 business days. Because of the push, the closed cases under 250 business days measure has dropped over the last 3 quarters.
201883868880Results for Q4 2018 were calculated using data compiled on 08/01/2018, instead of the first day of the new quarter, due to an issue when compiling the data.
- Run Date: 07/04/2020 11:32:40