Performance Measure
Measure Name
Average turnaround time for DNA cases that are analyzed and the results reported to the requesting authority (Certificate of Analysis issued)
Measure Last Modified
May 02 2019 01:54
Measure Last Published
May 02 2019 09:47
Measure Status
Data Source and Calculation

The average turnaround time is computed by dividing the total number of days taken to complete cases during the quarter by the total number of cases completed during the quarter. This information is maintained in the DFS Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and the system performs the calculation.

Enterprise Priorities and Strategies
Enterprise InitiativeEnterprise PriorityEnterprise Strategy
Public Safety and Homeland SecurityPublic SafetyProtect our citizens and ensure everyone lives in a safe community.
Associated Service Areas
SA CodeSA Name
30901Biological Analysis Services
Measure ID77830901.001.002
Measure ClassAgency Key
Measure TypeOutcome
Year TypeState FY
Preferred TrendDecrease
Cumulative DataNo
Statistical UnitCase
Baseline and Targets
Target NameDateResultNote
Short Target 202006/30/2020120
Long Target 202206/30/2022100
Measure Results
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- Run Date: 10/19/2019 04:00:32