The 2023 Executive Budget Document
Governor Youngkin's Proposed Amendments to the 2022-2024 Biennial Budget
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Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services [720]
Secretary: Health and Human Resources
Operating Budget Summary
This table shows the Governor's proposed budget for the next two years and the agency's official budget for the previous six years.
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BienniumFiscal YearSourceGeneral FundNongeneral FundTotal
2018-20202019Chapter 1283, 2020 Acts of Assembly$70,014,613$44,782,822$114,797,435
2018-20202020Chapter 1283, 2020 Acts of Assembly$80,317,330$58,029,829$138,347,159
2020-20222021Chapter 1, 2022 Acts of Assembly$109,721,284$62,061,346$171,782,630
2020-20222022Chapter 1, 2022 Acts of Assembly$135,942,397$46,155,145$182,097,542
2022-20242023Governor's Proposed Budget$172,867,695$52,899,840$225,767,535
2022 Appropriation$172,867,695$51,483,442$224,351,137
Governor's Amendments$0$1,416,398$1,416,398
2022-20242024Governor's Proposed Budget$284,287,093$57,326,983$341,614,076
2022 Appropriation$162,178,102$55,887,317$218,065,419
Governor's Amendments$122,108,991$1,439,666$123,548,657
Positions Summary
BienniumFiscal YearSourceGeneral FundNongeneral FundTotal
2018-20202019Chapter 1283, 2020 Acts of Assembly399.7531.25431.00
2018-20202020Chapter 1283, 2020 Acts of Assembly451.5031.25482.75
2020-20222021Chapter 1, 2022 Acts of Assembly475.5031.75507.25
2020-20222022Chapter 1, 2022 Acts of Assembly482.5031.75514.25
2022-20242023Proposed Positions518.5046.75565.25
2022 Appropriation518.5046.75565.25
Governor's Amendments0.000.000.00
2022-20242024Proposed Positions528.5046.75575.25
2022 Appropriation518.5046.75565.25
Governor's Amendments10.000.0010.00
Operating Budget Amendments
Transfer electronic health records funding to facilities
Transfers funding from agency's central office to state-operated facilities to assist with infrastructure requirements for implementation of electronic health records. This zero-sum transfer has no fiscal impact.
FY 2023FY 2024
General Fund$0($1,023,050)
Transfer developmental disability waiver rate responsibilities to the Department of Medical Assistance Services
Moves funds to the Department of Medical Assistance Services to support agency responsibilities associated with developmental disability waiver services that will be transferred effective July 1, 2023.
FY 2023FY 2024
General Fund$0($85,000)
Increase funding for comprehensive crisis services system
Provides support for the continued expansion and modernization of the statewide crisis services system by investing in crisis receiving centers and crisis stabilization units. Funding is also provided for five additional administrative positions to support the continued growth of the crisis system.
FY 2023FY 2024
General Fund$0$58,345,204
Provide one-time funds for mobile crisis units
Provides one-time funds to contract with private providers to establish mobile crisis units in underserved areas.
FY 2023FY 2024
General Fund$0$20,000,000
Pursue hospital-based psychiatric emergency alternatives
Provides funds to pursue hospital-based psychiatric emergency alternatives and/or supplemental payment programs to redirect care to more appropriate settings.
FY 2023FY 2024
General Fund$0$20,000,000
Expand school-based mental health pilot
Expands funding for school-based mental health to allow licensed and non-licensed mental health professionals to work in schools through public or private partnerships to provide a variety of behavioral health services.
FY 2023FY 2024
General Fund$0$15,000,000
Expand housing opportunities for individuals with serious mental illness
Provides funds for supervised residential care for individuals with serious mental illness.
FY 2023FY 2024
General Fund$0$8,000,000
Provide additional funding for naloxone
Provides additional funds to increase the supply of naloxone available for distribution to community partners from amounts received in settlement of legal claims against opioid manufacturers and distributors.
FY 2023FY 2024
Nongeneral Fund$1,416,398$1,416,398
Support Off-Duty Officer program
Provides funds for contracts with local law enforcement agencies that agree to utilize off-duty officers to transport and/or maintain custody of an individual awaiting admission to a mental health facility or for whom a bed has not yet been identified.
FY 2023FY 2024
General Fund$0$1,000,000
Sustain waiver management system interoperability and software upgrades
Provides funding to maintain the Medicaid Waiver Management System (WaMS), including upgrades that will keep the system relevant and efficiently utilized, and to support interoperability with Community Services Boards. WaMS is a portal allowing authorized users to view waiver eligibility options, apply for waivers online, and identify licensed service providers.
FY 2023FY 2024
General Fund$0$350,000
Fund two cybersecurity positions
Provides funding to add two additional cybersecurity positions in the agency's central office. These additional positions will help support the IT security needs of the state-operated behavioral health and intellectual disability system, including state-operated facilities.
FY 2023FY 2024
General Fund$0$261,164
Support additional waiver slots with two additional positions
Provides one service authorization position and one provider development position in the second year to support 500 additional ID/DD Medicaid waiver slots.
FY 2023FY 2024
General Fund$0$162,878
Nongeneral Fund$0$23,268
Provide funds for forensic data tracking and analysis
Provides funding for one position to track and gather data related to restoration of competency court orders in the forensic mental health system, both inpatient and outpatient.
FY 2023FY 2024
General Fund$0$97,795
Add language to allow flexible use of mental health pilot program funds
Amends currently earmarked language for alternative inpatient treatment options to allocate $1.5 million for non-inpatient services for individuals at risk of discharge from a private inpatient setting into a state facility setting. Some individuals may not need continued hospitalization but a lack of community based transition services leaves them as likely candidates to admission to state facilities.
Amend language to allow dementia funds to be used for discharge and diversion of older adults
Expands language currently earmarked for services for individuals with dementia to allow funds to be expended on all older adults in order to have the greatest impact on state facility census.
Combine earmarks for alternative transportation and alternative custody
Combines funding and earmarks for alternative transportation and alternative custody to provide needed flexibility to target resources toward the specific needs of each community. The combination of these appropriations will ensure that the elements of the emerging system are compatible with one another and support continuous care of the population. The amended language also clarifies that alternative custody and transportation programs can be administered through contracts with private contractors, local law enforcement organizations, Community Services Boards, or other methods as necessary to implement the program.
Capital Project Requests(in order largest to smallest)
Improve safety and security at Eastern State Hospital
Provides funds for renovations at Eastern State Hospital in order to increase safety and security for patients, staff, and the community.
FY 2023FY 2024
General Fund$16,900,000$0
Install duress systems at mental health facilities - Phase 1
Provides funds to begin the installation of duress systems at state-operated mental health facilities. Duress systems notify security, emergency responders, and other personnel with real-time alerts when an incident arises and improve patient and staff safety.
FY 2023FY 2024
General Fund$4,000,000$0