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Revenue Source CodeRevenue Source NameRevenue Class CodeRevenue Class NameRevenue Category
01000Taxes01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01001Railroad Companies01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01002Retail Sales Tire Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0100299Tire Tax Rfnd01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01003Car Line Companies01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01005Commnicatns Sales&Use-Va Relay01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01006Light,Heat,Power & Water Co01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01007Electric Consumption Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01008Natural Gas Consumption Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01009Scc-Railroad Special Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01010Valuatn Tx-Certain Pb Svc Corp01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01011Mtr Veh Carrier-Rolling Stock01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01012Communications Sales & Use Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0101299Communications Tax Rfnd01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01013Transaction Recovery Revenue01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01014Regional Congestion Relief Fee01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01015Regional Wmata Capital Fee01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01016Indvidual Inc Tx Wthhld-St Emp01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0101699Indvidual Tx Wth-St Emp Refund01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01017Est Corp Income Tax Payments01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01018Income Of Corporations01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0101899Corporate Income Rfnd01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01019Gross Prem-Insurance Company01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0101999Insurance Tax Rfnd01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01020Shrs Stock-Bank,Trust&Secur Co01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01021Estate Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01022Rgnl Trnsprtation Imprvmnt Fee01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01029Virginia Litter Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0102999Litter Tax Rfnd01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01035Recordtn Tx-Open Space Prsrvtn01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01036Recordation Tax Additional Fee01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0103699Recordation Tax Add Fee Refund01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01037Wills & Administrations01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01038Deeds Of Conveyance01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01039Recording Deeds & Contracts01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0103999Recording Deeds/Contracts Rfnd01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01040Oyster Inspection Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01041Public Rock Oyster Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01043Vending Machine Sales Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0104399Vending Machine Sales Tax Rfnd01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01044Wrestlg&Boxing Exhibt Grss Rec01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01045Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax-Gas Tax01000Taxes501.1: Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax
01046Aviation Fuel Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01047Oil Company Excise Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01048Court Suits Chancery Causes01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01049Court Suits Actions At Law01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01050Mtr Veh Clean Special Fuels Tx01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01051Corn Excise Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0105199Corn Excise Tax Refund01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01052Tobacco Excise Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01053Peanut Excise Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0105399Peanut Tax Rfnd01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01054Abc Liter Tax-Localities Share01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01055Beer Excise Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
010562% Motor Fuel Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0105699Motor Fuel Tax Refund01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01057Alcoholic Beverages State Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01058Cigarette Stamp Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0105899Cigarette Stamp Tax Rfnd01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01059Va Cattle Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0105999Va Cattle Tax Refund01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01060Unemployment Comp Payroll Tax01000Taxes501.2: Unemployment Comp
01061Forest Products Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0106199Forest Products Tax Rfnd01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01062Soft Drink Excise Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0106299Soft Drink Tax Rfnd01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01063Pork Excise Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01065Apple Excise Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0106599Apple Tax Rfnd01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01068Egg Promotion Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0106899Egg Tax Rfnd01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01069Soybean Tax Assessment01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0106999Soybean Tax Assessment Refund01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01070Small Grain Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0107099Small Grain Tax Rfnd01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01071Irish Potato Excise Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01072Cotton Tax Assessment01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0107299Cotton Tax Rfnd01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01076Other Tobacco Products Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0107699Tobacco Products Rfnd01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01077Road Tax Decal01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01078Pub Carrier Mixd Bev Bottle Tx01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01079Road Use Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01080Va Aircraft Sales & Use Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0108099Aircraft Tax Rfnd01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01081Food&Persnlhygienesales&Usetax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0108199Food&Prsnlhygnsales&Usetaxrfnd01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01082Abc State Sales And Use Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01083General State Sales & Use Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0108399Gen St Sales & Use Tax Refund01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01084Motor Vehicle Sales & Use Tax01000Taxes501.4: Motor Vehicle Sales Tax
01085Motor Vehicle Rental Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0108599Motor Vehicle Rental Tax Rfnd01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01086Mobile Home Sales Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01087Unapplied Sales Tax Receipts01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0108799Unapplied Sales Tax Refund01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01088Sales&Use Tax - Ttf & Hmo01000Taxes501.3: Special Hwy Tax (Sales Tax)
0108899Sales&Use Tax - Ttf & Hmo Rfnd01000Taxes501.3: Special Hwy Tax (Sales Tax)
01089Accelerated Sales Tax Revenue01000Taxes501.3: Special Hwy Tax (Sales Tax)
0108999Ast True-Up Refund01000Taxes501.3: Special Hwy Tax (Sales Tax)
01090Interest Owed-Overpay Of Taxes01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01091Payments By Tva In Lieu Of Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01092Va Estate Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0109299Va Estate Tax Refund01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01093Watercraft Sales Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0109399Watercraft Sales Tax Refund01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01094Emission Fee Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01095Reclamation Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01096Historic Triangle Sales Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0109699Historictriangle Salestax Rfnd01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01097St Sales&Use Tax 2004 Increase01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0109799St Sales&Use Tx 04 Incrse Rfnd01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01098St Sale&Use Tx 2013 Ses .3 Inc01000Taxes501.3: Special Hwy Tax (Sales Tax)
0109899Stsale&Usetax2013Ses.3Inc Rfnd01000Taxes501.3: Special Hwy Tax (Sales Tax)
01099St Sale&Use Tx 2013 Ses .7 Inc01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0109999Stsale&Usetax2013Ses.7Inc Rfnd01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01100Ind Fiduciary Income Tax -202001000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0110099Ind Fiduciary Inctx-'20 Refund01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01101Ind Fiduciary Income Tax -202101000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0110199Ind Fiduciary Inctx-'21 Refund01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01102Ind Fiduciary Income Tax -202201000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0110299Ind Fiduciary Inctx-'22 Refund01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01103Ind Fiduciary Income Tax -202301000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0110399Ind Fiduciary Inctx-'23 Refund01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01104Ind Fiduciary Income Tax -201401000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0110499Ind Fiduciary Inctx-'14 Refund01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01105Ind Fiduciary Income Tax -201501000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0110599Ind Fiduciary Inctx-'15 Refund01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01106Ind Fiduciary Income Tax -201601000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0110699Ind Fiduciary Inctx-'06 Refund01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01107Ind Fiduciary Income Tax -201701000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0110799Ind Fiduciary Inctx-'07 Refund01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01108Ind Fiduciary Income Tax -201801000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0110899Ind Fiduciary Inctx-'18 Refund01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01109Ind Fiduciary Income Tax -201901000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0110999Ind Fiduciary Inctx-'19 Refund01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01110Estimated Income Tax - 202001000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0111099Estimated Income Tx-'20 Refund01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01111Estimated Income Tax - 202101000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0111199Estimated Income Tx-'21 Refund01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01112Estimated Income Tax - 202201000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0111299Estimated Income Tx-'22 Refund01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01113Estimated Income Tax - 202301000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0111399Estimated Income Tx-'23 Refund01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01114Estimated Income Tax - 202401000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0111499Estimated Income Tx-'24 Refund01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01115Estimated Income Tax - 201501000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0111599Estimated Income Tx-'15 Refund01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01116Estimated Income Tax - 201601000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0111699Estimated Income Tx-'06 Refund01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01117Estimated Income Tax - 201701000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0111799Estimated Income Tx-'07 Refund01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01118Estimated Income Tax - 201801000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0111899Estimated Income Tx-'08 Refund01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01119Estimated Income Tax - 201901000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0111999Estimated Income Tx-'19 Refund01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01120Individual Income Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0112099Individual Income Tax Refunds01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01129Individual Estimated01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0112999Individual Estimated Refunds01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01131Employer Withholding Taxes01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0113199Employer Withholding Tx Refund01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01133Withhldng Tax-Pass Thru Entity01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01135Pari-Mutuel Wagering Licnse Tx01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01137Pass Thru Entity Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0113799Pass Thru Entity Tax ? Refunds01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01138Pass Thru Entity Estimated01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0113899Pass Thru Entity Estimated Rfd01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01140Pari-Mutl Wager Va Breeders Fd01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01200Misc Tax Collections-Undistrib01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01202Motor Fuels Tax-Undistributed01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01203Regnl Transient Occupancy Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01204Trans Dist Transientoccupncytx01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01205Histtriangletransientoccpncytx01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01206Locality Games Of Skill Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0120699Locality Games Of Skll Tx Rfnd01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01207Peertopeer Vehicle Sharing Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0120799Peertopeervehiclesharingtaxrfd01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01208Sports Betting Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0120899Sports Betting Tax Refund01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
01209Casino Gaming Tax01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
0120999Casino Gaming Tax Refund01000Taxes501.5: Other (Balance)
02100Licenses & Permits0200002000502.2: Other Rights & Privileges
02101Business & Professnal Licenses0200002000502.2: Other Rights & Privileges
02102Company License Applicatn Fee0200002000502.2: Other Rights & Privileges
02103Marriage Licenses0200002000502.2: Other Rights & Privileges
02104Registrtn Specialty Fertilizer0200002000502.2: Other Rights & Privileges
02105Fertilizr Tonnage Inspectn Fee0200002000502.2: Other Rights & Privileges
02106Agricultrl Product Dealer Lic0200002000502.2: Other Rights & Privileges
02107Reg Lawn/Turf Seed Mixture0200002000502.2: Other Rights & Privileges
02108Commercial Fishermen Reg Fee0200002000502.2: Other Rights & Privileges
02109Research Fees0200002000502.2: Other Rights & Privileges
02110Grain Dealers Licenses0200002000502.2: Other Rights & Privileges
02111Hlth Maint Org License Fee0200002000502.2: Other Rights & Privileges
02112Mtr Carrier Ucra Reg & Renewal0200002000502.2: Other Rights & Privileges
02113State Lottery License App Fee0200002000502.2: Other Rights & Privileges
02114Branch Pilot Regulatory Fees0200002000502.2: Other Rights & Privileges
02115Automobile Club Agent Licenses0200002000502.2: Other Rights & Privileges
02116Septic System Fees-State Share0200002000502.2: Other Rights & Privileges
02117Alt Dischrge Sewage Sys Permit0200002000502.2: Other Rights & Privileges
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