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Virginia Agencies List
This page lists all Virginia Government Agencies that participate in strategic planning in Virginia's Performance Budgeting System. You may select a Secretarial Area and choose submit to see all the agencies that fall under that area.

Secretarial Area
The Education secretariat provides guidance to the 16 public universities, the Virginia Community College System, five higher education and research centers, the Department of Education, the state-supported museums.
Highlights of Key Objectives
Increase the number of at-risk four-year-olds served by the Virginia Preschool Initiative.
Increase high school graduation rates; decrease dropout rates.
Increase the number of schools rated Fully Accredited.
Increase the number of children reading proficiently by the third grade.
Provide quality education for children with sensory impairments.
Increase the college and career readiness of high school students.
Increase enrollment in GED and post-secondary certificate and degree programs.
Improve and increase access to museum exhibits and educational programs.
Enhance higher education access and affordability.
Educate highly qualified medical and health professions students.
Build additional educational and innovation capacity in the Southside and Southwest regions of Virginia.
Increase attendance at public arts events.
Preserve and enhance access to library collections and important archival information.

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